$25,000 Net Profit in 14 Days

I wrote you before about a success story that made me over $20K in 30 days and I had to share another one with you. [See $23,000 Profit in Less Than 30 Days.] I purchased a two-family house at the local tax auction for $6,500 last month. Fourteen days later, I sold it with no money down to a first-time home buyer.

Here are the details:

I created a note for the full selling price of $32K and sold it at the closing table. I received $20K in cash at close and agreed to retain half the $14K balloon that is due in five years. After expenses, I realized a net profit of just about $25K in 14 days.

I have done two more such deals like this since then and have four more lined up to close. But those are other Success Stories for a later date. I enjoy your website and look forward to each and every issue.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.