111% Return on Investment

Back in August, I moved my family to Billings, Montana from South Texas. As soon as I arrived I started riding the speed bumps, looking for mobile homes. I called on a manager of a mobile home park I drove by every day and inquired about any mobile homes for sale. I explained to her what I did, and she didn’t hesitate and gave the name and number of a gentleman wanting to sell his mobile home.

After looking the mobile over and taking a couple of weeks to let him become more motivated we agreed on a price of $2,500. During these two weeks, I ran an ad in the Thrifty Nickle and got a buyer before I had paid for it.

The time from when I paid for the mobile home to the time I sold it was less than 48 hours. I sold it for $5,500 with $500 down and 30 payments of $199.69 for a yield of 111%. As Lonnie Scruggs says “good enough.” United We Stand.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.