$15,000 Cash Profit, $535 Monthly Cash Flow, Plus…

Susan and I recently attendedBig Profits wtih Lease Options Workshop. I thought you might like to have an update on what we’ve done in the few months since these workshops.

We’ve done five deals so far: Four single family homes and one condo, all lease options–four deals and one with a small deposit. Upfront profit after expenses is over $15,000, monthly cash flow is approximately $535. When the tenant/buyers exercise their options, we’ll make another $15,000 or so.

We have done these deals as outlined in Bill Bronchick’s workshops. We’ve used his residential lease purchase forms and mortgage verification forms with the sellers and have used his deposit receipts, residential lease agreement, option agreement, and disclosure forms. All the forms are easy to use and without objection from sellers and tenant/buyers.

Thank you, Bill, for all you’ve done for us. Susan and I both look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

By CREOnline Contributor

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