17-Year-Old Real Estate Investor Success

This post is for all of you that have asked me to share my experiences with you. I hope you find it interesting and inspirational.

First, let me give thanks to CRE Online and one person in particular, Ed Garcia. I am not sure if he remembers me. (I was the one trying to buy the 40-unit apartment complex in Florida. Thanks for opening my eyes.) I also have to thank many others from CRE Online (I am sure you know who you are). Well, here it is!

I started in August, 2000. I was only 17 at the time and going to high school. I was inspired by a cousin of my dad and got the Carleton Sheets books immediately. I read them in two days! But, in my opinion, it didn’t help at all. Then I turned to CRE Online and with all the help of you guys I moved ahead.

I bought 4 houses at the age of 17. I sold one recently and made approximately $15,000. They are all rented and giving me a nice cash flow. I still have the other 3 rented. I will share my experiences with those on another post, because I just don’t have time right now to write it all out.

I want to give you my experiences in the last month (the current deal I have). This is for all of you that think that a no money down deal is impossible.

I sent several postcards to vacant homes and out-of-state owners. Thankfully, one responded to my postcard. I was able to set up a lease option allowing me 15 days to begin work without paying any rent. The only thing I had to pay was the down payment for the insurance which was $78! So that was how much it took me to get the home.

I will pay $25K for the home at the end of the lease. I will sell home for a minimum of $45k plus I will make a $150 monthly cash flow for 18 months, which is an extra $2,700. I will ask a minimum of $3k down payment, but I may be able to get $4k. This is just my latest deal. I will try to explain my earlier experiences when I get a chance.

I hope to be purchasing 2 homes a month by the end of next year. But this is just one of my many ventures in the real estate field.

I hope this proves ONE point: There are NO LIMITS on what you can do! It doesn’t matter how old you are, how rich you are, or how good looking you are, you can still succeed if you want to. Not only in real estate investing, but anything you do in your life you must first think positive. Remember one thing “You can, If you think you can,” as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once said.

I wish you all the best of success whether it is in real estate investing or any other venture. I feel fortunate to share these experiences with you today. But I would not have been able to if I would have never started. Please remember that if you plan to do something you must first start doing it. Just thought I should share.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.