$21,000 Profit in My First Month

  • As Lonnie might say, “That’s good ’nuff.”
  • As John Behle might say, “Better than walking due west ’til your hat floats.”
  • As Ed Garcia might say, “Pretty good for a young bull.”
  • As Ron LeGrand might say, “Beats swingin’ a hammer.”
  • As Bronchick might say, “That’s 1k for tapping, 20k for knowing where to tap.”

Let me say one thing to all newbies and oldies alike: It CAN be done.

Four years ago I, like so many others, FINALLY broke down and bought the Carleton Sheets course. After being exposed to the numbers involved in real estate investing, I knew that if there was one field to make big money working for yourself, real estate was it.

After getting the course, and making it through the first three or four CDs, my course, like so many of its kind, found itself collecting dust on my bookshelf. “Someday I’ll finish it. Someday, when I have more time.”

I went on with my life. Always waiting for things to be “just right.” Real estate investing never left my mind… I never had a doubt that “someday” I’d be successful with it, but right now I was just “too busy.” One year. Two years. Three years. Four years. Still… “too busy.”

Then one day, while sitting in my office at my corporate JOB, my frustration got the best of me. I jumped on the Internet to search out any sites with info on this “creative” real estate thing. First thing I found was Creative Real Estate Online. That day changed my life.

I printed out every single money-making idea and how-to article on the site. (You should have seen me running back and forth to the community printer acting like it was all company business). That night, I went out and bought Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. I was ecstatic.

I spent the next six months studying real estate investing and hanging out on the Main Discussion Forum in my spare time. I was amazed by the power of the support and encouragement of this site. Anytime I had a question or just needed a pick-me-up, I’d come to Creative Real Estate Online.

Although I was constantly looking at properties and trying to work deals, I never got anywhere. I just didn’t have the time to do things right. Finally, in February, I did it. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I did it anyway. I quit my job. And I did it with all the peace in the world and with only three months worth of living expenses in the bank.

The next week after I quit, I flew to Dallas to attend the CRE Online Convention. The rest is history.

I spent the remainder of March vacationing. During April, I spent the entire month studying and getting a structured business plan in order. May 3, 1999, I finally kicked off my business. I placed a couple ads, and started hitting it hard. By the end of the month, I had successfully wholesaled two properties: One for $9,200, and one for $12,000. Over $21,000 in one month!

Amazing. I kept waiting for someone to come to my door and arrest me. “You can’t make that much money unless you’re doing something illegal!”

I now have more deals coming at me then I can handle, and I haven’t even began to TOUCH my marketing plan. I have spent most of this month working on my business system, streamlining the entire process, so that I stay organized and productive. I anticipate amazing things for this year. It works, friends. It really works.

I don’t write this to appear boastful, but to motivate you. Whether you are brand new, riding the fence, or the most experienced investor around. Go for it! Take the plunge and DO IT! Order some courses from this site, and hang out here as much as you can. But most importantly.–DO IT.

A good idea isn’t worth the paper it’s written on until you do it.
When you HEAR something you forget it, and when you SEE something you remember it. But it’s not until you DO something that you truly LEARN HOW TO DO IT.

Above everything else, I want to thank everyone on this web site. Thank you all. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for sharing ideas. Thank you for truly being friends. This group has been a very valuable asset in the pursuit of my dreams. Thanks, especially to JP and Terry Vaughan. This site is changing lives every day. That must feel good. Y’ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Remember: Dreams are only dreams…’til you make them come true. I love this game.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.