3 Ways to Accelerate Your Real Estate Investing Goals

New investors often struggle getting started in real estate investing. They consider wholesaling, lease options, subject to deals, buying some rentals, or maybe rehabbing houses to sell to retail buyers. They consider single family houses, duplexes, quads, raw land, and commercial buildings.

There is so much opportunity that they try to jump into all types of real estate investing and struggle with a lack of focus on what they really need to do to accomplish their short-term and long-term goals. All investors should invest in themselves first, so they can focus their investing model into a solid plan to achieve their cash flow and wealth goals.

Read About Real Estate Investing

There are tons of great articles on the CRE Online blog and the How-To Articles page. Start by reading all the blog articles (and the comments) in your topic of interest. Beyond the blog, commit to reading one real estate investing or business book per week.
If you do not have time to read a book every week, consider picking up the audio book and learn while driving.  Personally, I love to read on my iPad while working out on the elliptical at the gym.
Find a way to read, take notes on what you learn, and put your new knowledge to work for you.

Interact With Successful People

You are the average of the 5 people you spend most your time with.  ~Jim Rohn

Consider finding a real estate coach.

This is a powerful idea to consider.
If you are spending a lot of time with people who are caught in a poverty mind-set and constantly struggling, chances are you will catch that mind-set too. If you want to succeed, then begin to spend time with successful people who share your goals and ideas.
Where can you find people like this?  Stop in at your local investor club (REIA) meetings and network with people in your local market.
Better yet, spend some time reading through all the information in the forum here on www.creonline.com. The forums are a great place for investors to hang out and ask questions, share what is working, and help one another out.
Continue the interactive learning experience beyond your investor club and the forum and attend a boot camp or seminar to continue the learning process and interacting with other investors.

Get a Real Estate Investing Coach

If you want to accelerate your path to success, consider finding a great coach. A great coach can help you focus your investing plans to meet your cash flow and wealth goals. A coach helps you minimize risk while maximizing the return.
The perception is that all coaches are expensive and cannot provide one-on-one personal support. The great news is… that is a myth. The best coaches are affordable and provide help and guidance, so you will avoid costly mistakes and accelerate your efforts to achieve your goals.
Commit to investing in yourself first. Write down your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. The first part of your personal plan should be a commitment to invest in yourself. By doing so, you can focus your investing efforts and accelerate your path to success.
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By Jim Ingersoll

Jim Ingersoll is a successful real estate entrepreneur, Author and Coach. He has bought and sold hundreds of houses wholesaling, flipping and buying to hold for the long-term. Jim loves all aspects of creating winning transactions with creative real estate.