$52,000 CASH in 60 Days

What a RUSH! After starting my investing career back in 1998 and acquiring 13 properties, which I still have, I was recently introduced to a real estate agent that lived in MY BOX! He understood almost everything that I wanted to do. Finally!

I got serious about 60 days ago and decided that it was time for me to make some immediate CASH! Since then I have made $52,000 in CASH, all by assignments. The strange thing is that, in my area, it is truly a seller’s market, and the traditional market is scrambling for listings. Yet, I have been able to find, put under contract, and assign 11 properties, and I have one now that will be assigned within a couple of days for $7,000.

I get calls from various other investors that call me on a regular basis to see what I have for them. They almost always ask me how I find these deals when the market is so diametrically opposed to being able to buy at a discount. The market here has seen an increase of about 16%+ over the last year. When properties hit the traditional market, they are usually sold the first day up to 14 days at full price or higher in many cases. Nonetheless, I have been able to find real deals.

This is the greatest way to spend time. I was going to call it a job, but it is really an adventure. Gotta Go, I have six potential deals that I need to call back! What a day!

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.