$5K Cash, $400/Month Cash Flow, $20K Equity

Here is my short success story, small but hugely exciting for me. I ordered Ron LeGrand’s Cash Flow Systems around October 2000. Read the material, went through my doubts, and then really started around December 2000.

I signed two properties by December 30, 2000, and then came the fears. The first one I closed was a lease option. The property will sell for $269,000, and the owners are selling to me for $239,000.

In spite of myself missing advertisement deadlines three weeks in a row, being too shy to have an open house for the property, too exhausted on the weekends (still working full-time and really hard) to distribute flyers, I still found a buyer.

I just received my first check for $5,000 non-refundable down payment (option consideration) on March 17, 2001. I have a $400 positive cash flow for the next twelve months and, at closing at the end of the 12-month lease option term, I’ll make approximately another $20,000+.

WHOOO-HOOO!! From one who is very new and still very green–THIS WORKS. I’m now working on closing my second deal which is a wholesale/retail deal. I’m using some of the money from the lease option to fix up this second property, which will make me another profit of $25,000+.

Thanks Ron LeGrand and Creative Real Estate Online. Your success stories kept me going during my times of doubt. I hope mine sparks someone else to keep forging ahead! Success to all!

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.