$75,000 Cash and $2,000 Cash Flow–No Money Down

I was laid off last year from my corporate job of nine years. After a slow start, I found a good mentor program and started getting deals. I was excited to see that I was able to get deals signed up and cash flowing when I’d had so many people telling me this wasn’t possible.

My first three deals were sandwich lease options that I did with rel="">no money down. The next six deals were a combination of “subject to” deals and wholesale flips to other investors. We made a nice $15,000 profit on one of those flips to an investor with only about two hours of work into the deal! I also kept three of those houses that we took “subject to.”

Those are rented out for about $200+ a month positive cash flow. I worked hard (and full time since I had no other job or income), but was able to do all this in seven months. Now I have almost $2,000 in monthly passive income, I made a nice $75,000 cash in hand, and have locked in profits of $250,000 during this time.

I am now at the point where this will remain my full-time job and can do two or three deals per month. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from all the great articles and courses on CRE Online and plan attending the CRE Online Convention in Atlanta. Thanks for everything!

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.