8-Fold Profit While Living Abroad

Dear JP and Terry:

I thought I would send you a short note. You are always asking for comments and Success Stories. I have been visiting CRE Online for about a year now. I am an American civilian who has lived and worked in Germany for the last 33 years. I love this site. The information is priceless. There is something for everyone.

I found some information I liked on the Mobile Home Forum, then hosted by Lonnie Scruggs and Ernest Tew. I ordered and studied their material [Deals on Wheels and How to Get Rich Helping Others].

I really like their ideas and principles. I just did not know how I going to use this information while still living in Germany. Then I got a brainstorm. I combined Lonnie’s and Ernest’s principals with tax land foreclosures. I buy very low by mail. I sell at an unbelievable profit within four to six months. Some I sell for cash, others on a note.

Since February I have built over $1,000 per month cash flow for over 24 months on an investment of less than $3,000. I did it all by mail from Germany with only two visits to learn the area I am working. As Lonnie says: Good enough! My thanks go to these two fine gentlemen and CRE Online for sharing their knowledge.

I recommend this web site to everyone. Always remember to learn the principles of what read and figure out a way you can adapt these principals for yourself. There are a thousand ways to learn how to make money. The articles here are free, and the material is very reasonable priced.

I rate this site as one of the top ten on the Internet. I doubt that there are any sites that are more valuable. I would like to wish peace and happiness to everyone.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.