Downsized – I Turned to Real Estate

After working 22 years in the corporate world with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya & ADC in the telecommunications industry, I got downsized. I took the opportunity to move to the beach and chose the beautiful Alabama gulf coast even though I had never been here.

I packed up my jeep and a small U-Haul trailer with my golf clubs, bicycle, and  some casual clothes.  I donated my suits and high heals to the church missionary closet because I decided I was done with my past corporate road warrior sales life.

When I got here, I did not see any typical sales positions open like I was used to.  Actually, there was not even a movie theater or a Starbucks coffee and only one grocery store on the small tropical island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Real estate sales seemed to be a way that people were making decent money, so I decided to get my license.

I had to be unique and learn fast

Of course, I knew no one here, so I had to be unique and learn really fast.  The real estate licensing process at that time did not teach anything about how to sell real estate, so that is when I turned to CRE Online.  I read every free report, listened to hours and hour of audio recordings, and ordered several courses on real estate investing.  I wanted to be able to help people and myself make money in real estate.

I now own and operate a small, independent real estate company on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We specialize in helping people get great deals on luxury beach vacation homes and condos. It’s exciting to help families from all over the world discover the most gorgeous white sugar sand beaches in the world.  We have luxury properties for under a million that would be triple the price or more in other places.

The people are extra friendly, and the food is great. It has a small town feel, since the island is only about 2 miles wide and 32 miles long.  Because of what I learned through CRE Online, I was able to successfully differentiate myself from the other 2,500 agents at that time. (Now there are only 1100 active agents.)

You helped me cut my learning curve by years, and I appreciate what you have done for my real estate education.

Tami L Roberts
Owner/Broker LLC

By CREOnline Contributor

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