First 4 Deals–No Money Down

INCREDIBLE! I’m still amazed…I purchased the Carleton Sheets course five years ago, but then got shipped overseas. I just got back to the good ol’ USA in September 2002. I finally started my real estate investing on October 13th.

On my first property, I got 100% financing, and the seller paid all closing costs; I received $201 at closing.

My second property was a home for sale for $43,000. The seller said he would pay all the closing costs. I was able to have the house appraised for $56,000. I was able again to get 100% financing. The seller actually took $39,100 at closing. My loan was for $56,000. I left the closing table with a check for $14,166. I did these in the last two weeks of October.

I called on an ad about a duplex for sale. The seller had over 100 properties including a mobile home park with 26 units. He financed the duplex and a house for me at 100%. He then financed the entire mobile home park. Why? He was not able to keep all of his properties going. So I kindly obliged and helped.

Finally, I was able to find yet another seller who gave me 100% financing. In total, I have a $3,700 monthly positive cash flow and paid not one penny for any of my properties. All of the properties already had tenants in them. Amazing! My real estate investments total $892,000.

My goal was to have owned 10 properties by next August, but now I think I will be changing that goal.

By CREOnline Contributor

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