First 4 *Subject to* Deals–Cash and Cash Flow

My husband and I have studied real estate investing for over five years. We have looked at or owned virtually every real estate investment course known to man. Some were good, some were a waste of money. We have worked with a mentor, and he was quite helpful (and still is when we have a question!)

Finally, this past June, we decided to jump in and quit being scared. I implemented my own marketing campaign that is working well for us, and we closed our first “ subject to ” deal in July to the tune of $26,300.

Then, we filled our second “subject to” deal last month for $3,000 down and $200 cash flow per month with a back end of $20K coming next November.

We now have our third one under contract (waiting on title search to be finished). This one is in a great area and should provide $250-$300 cash flow each month.

We have an appointment to do the papers on our fourth one tonight, which will also give $250-$300 cash flow each month.

The most astounding fact is that we rarely get ANY flack about leaving a loan in someone’s name. It amazes me that people are willing to do this “subject to” thing, but I am glad they are! We are being a service to people who have no other options, and we are creating our own American dream in the process. What a great country, huh?

I am writing this to give newbies the hope that they CAN do this. It is NOT easy, it is NOT overnight and it is NOT a get rich quick kind of thing. It takes creativity, time and, patience, but you CAN do it!

By CREOnline Contributor

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