First Deal, $10,000 Profit–As Is

I thought I would take the time to tell you a bit. I went to the CRE Online Convention in Atlanta. I listened to all and bought Ron LeGrand’s material. After several months of preparing and learning, I did a deal.

My intention was to rehab and retail. I figured if all went right, I could net about $10K. I decided to run an ad “as is” and see what kind of response I got. Oh well, I sold it to the first buyer and just closed for a profit of $10,325. Not bad for my very first deal, thanks to you guys and Ron LeGrand.

By the way, I have already bought and sold two more houses for what should be a net return of about $14K profit when I close at the end of October. Gee, this stuff really does work…

By CREOnline Contributor

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