First Mobile Home Deal on Christmas Eve!

I have just purchased my first mobile home on Christmas eve, and I am closing with a buyer on New Years Day! I purchased for $1,000 down and $131 a month for two years, and I am selling for $210 a month for three years after my down payment.

This is a home that was listed by previous owner for two months at $4,500 and no buyers. I am selling for almost $8,000, and I haven’t owned it for a week! I also haven’t performed any repairs and have less than three hours of my time invested. My only expense is an $8.67 debt to pay for my ad! I had to pull my ad due to so many calls, but I am still taking calls and gathering info for my next deal. I am looking at a repo that is on a private lot that I already have permission from the owner to rent his lot and also have been talking with a land owner with an empty lot behind his house.

I want to thank Lonnie for his books [Deals on Wheels and Making Money on Mobile Homes] and hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. I know what I am thankful for: Wobbly boxes!

By CREOnline Contributor

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