Garage Sale Marketing

Last weekend, my folks had a garage sale. I was just sitting there thinking, and all of a sudden it hit me: Why not make up some signs that say “We Buy Houses” and see if I can get any leads? That’s exactly what I did.

I made up three signs on poster board. Two basically said, “We Buy Houses.” and the other said “We have cheap houses for sale!” I put these signs up inside the garage. I made up a bunch of flyers that told a little more about our “programs” and set them out with my business cards.

Two hours into the sale, a woman picked up a flyer and told me that she had a house that she HAS to sell. It appraised three months ago for $80,000 and she owes $62,000. She doesn’t want anything for her equity, she just wants out.

If everything checks out, I’ll be doing a “subject to” deal on this one and walking into $20,000 of equity, NO MONEY DOWN! Yeah! I got several other leads, including a couple more possible “subject to” deals, and several people looking to buy houses!

I just wanted to share my idea with everybody. It was definitely worthwhile and took a minimal amount of effort. Plus–it was totally free advertising! Happy Investing.

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