Generating Cash Flow with Used Mobile Homes

I wanted to submit a short example of two of the successes my partner and I have had “flipping” mobile homes. At the beginning of this year, we purchased a used 1975 mobile home for $800 and resold it on a contract for $5,000. As of next Monday, we will have recovered our investment and have a 50% profit already, and this is only the first six months of the contract!

In April, we purchased another 1975 mobile for $778 and just resold it for $5,000 on a contract. With the down payment and first month’s payment, we have already recovered 59% of our investment. In just under three months, we will have recovered our investment and will be making pure profits! Investing in used mobile homes is a wonderful way to generate cash flow for investing in other types of real estate!

By CREOnline Contributor

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