Getting Started Step by Step

Okay, so now you have a general idea on how this stuff can work. But how do you get started with all this? Start by going to the top of the main page on this site. On the left side click on the link that says Success Stories and read every one of them at least three times.

When you have finished with that, click on the link that says, How-to Articles and read every one of them at least three times.Then click on the Money-Making Ideas link and read every one of them at least three times.

Find a niche

Determine which real estate investing niche appeals to you most (lease options, renting, flipping property, rehabs, etc.). Then click on the link that offers books and courses for sale. Find a course that pertains to the type of investing you like most and start with that. Master that niche and then move on to another to expand your knowledge and to have more tools in your toolbox. That will allow you to find more solutions to close more deals.

Read the message boards

There are SEVEN different news groups on this site.

1. On the Main Real Estate Forum you will find the most valuable information posted by MANY investors that are out there doing this stuff full time on a daily basis. This is a news group for discussing real estate investing, no money down, and creative financing.

2. The Carlton Sheets Group, also known as News Group II, is for most new people when they first find this site. You will find the least amount of real world knowledge on this page since most of everything is pertaining to questions like, “Does Carlton Sheets really work?” This is the message board for questions, comments, or discussions about infomercial personalities like Carlton Sheets and other gurus.

3. The Cash Flow Forum is the message board for discussion on making money in real estate paper, such as notes and mortgages. Here you can discuss how to make money investing in discounted cash flows and paper, including mobile home paper.

4. The Mobile Home Forum is for making money by investing in mobile homes, mobile home parks, and mobile home paper.

5. On the Commercial Real Estate Forum you can discuss commercial properties such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings.

6. The Financing Forum is the news group to discuss financing real estate deals.

7. The Legal Forum is the news group that is for general questions about real estate law, real estate contracts, legal documents, legal forms, asset protection, taxes, tax issues, and business organizations.

Read the posts on all of these real estate discussion forums!

After you have done all of this, you should have a pretty good understanding of what’s involved. If you have a specific question click on “Search Archives” link and type in the key words. You will probably get answers to MANY questions that have been posted in the past.

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