I Used OPM to Build My OWN Working Capital

I wanted to give my thanks to Creative Real Estate Online for providing a place for everyone to learn how to do whatever they want in real estate investing. I started doing research when I was in high school. Then I moved out to Florida and kept doing research while I worked as a loan processor.

I bought a couple real estate investing courses, Steve Cook’s flipping course and Bill Bronchick’s How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation course. I picked up a partner who was a real estate agent and got to work flipping houses. I got a no money down loan from a local broker and started making offers on houses to flip.

At first the deals lacked enough profit. We did comparables for $200,000+ homes working off the hopes of $10,000 profit. I would have done these deals if I hadn’t read this site, and I would have learned a hard lesson.

So I broke off from my partner (his agent mind-set got in the way) and started buying tax deeds for vacant land. I started with debt, using an investor’s money to buy with a 50/50 profit split and worked my way up to doing it with my own capital.

Now I’m building spec. homes for resale with more profits I could ever imagine. I also have five corporations and assets in the six figures. I have all the contacts at my disposal including a builder with whom I have a corporation, a title company, an attorney, and a broker.

I’ve put my wife to work–as well as three other family members–all making good money investing in real estate. I just wanted to share my story and to let everyone know I’m back on the site.

I see old faces such as Ron Starr, Jim_FL, and John Merchant giving their experiences and knowledge away for free. It’s a great thing the regulars do on the Main Real Estate Forum. I just can’t appreciate it enough. You don’t know how much it means having access to CRE Online. It gave me a chance to be my own man. I owe part of my success to this website and wanted to express my gratitude. Thanks for everyone’s help.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.