Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow

Once you get started in real estate investing, it won’t be long before you begin to look for methods and strategies that will increase your cash flow and increase your profits.Two of the best methods for increasing cash flow while keeping your risk low are:

  • Using lease options
  • Investing in mobile homes

You can also increase your cash flow by investing in commercial real estate, but this strategy is recommended for more experienced real estate investors.

Increasing cash flow through lease options

Using lease options, you can buy and sell real estate with little risk and no money down.As a buyer you can purchase the option to buy a property with little money down, without legally obligating yourself to buy if you cannot put the rest of the deal together. While this is a common strategy for single-family houses, it can also be a powerful strategy for purchasing apartment buildings or multi-family homes. Experienced investors can even use this strategy to purchase commercial properties.

As a seller, if you use a lease option, you have a way to continue to receive income from the property while obtaining additional security from knowing that your tenant ultimately will buy the property from you and has given you a non-refundable deposit toward the purchase.

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Increasing cash flow with mobile homes

The mobile home market represents a hugely profitable but largely unrecognized opportunity for savvy investors.Used mobile homes can often be bought at very modest prices because in many cases, their owners are eager to sell cheap to raise cash quickly. Buying these undervalued mobile homes and then selling them at retail prices will earn you huge profits. And, if you can finance the purchase for your buyer, the interest income you will earn from your loan will increase your monthly cash flow for years to come.

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