Make Big Profits with Rehabs

Making money investing in real estate with handyman’s specials

One of the best-known methods that many real estate investors use to increase their earnings is to buy properties in need of repair, fix them, and then sell them at a profit. The successful rehab specialist makes a profit because the increased value of the repaired house is far greater than the purchase price and the cost of the repairs.

If you are an experienced real estate investor, then rehab projects can be a very profitable approach to real estate investing. If you choose to master this area of real estate investing, you will find that rehab investors are way out in front of the marketplace and earning big money.

The most important rule for winning in rehabs

Experts agree the most important rule to earning big profits in rehab properties is to not be your own repairman. If you are hammering your own nails, then you are not putting together deals, which is really where you create your profit.

As a real estate investor, you make your profits by doing deals, not by personally making repairs. So once you find a profitable rehab project, leave the repairs to the experts. That way you can be looking for the next property to fix-up and add even more profits to your real estate investments.

Combine rehab investing with foreclosure investing for a creative combo that makes your profits skyrocket

Many of the “handyman’s specials” that can earn you big profits are owned by people facing foreclosure or by banks that have taken back the property. By combining an expertise in how to make money from foreclosures with an expertise in rehab investing, you can build a creative and powerful investment strategy so that you will be a winner in real estate by supercharging the return on your investments.

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