Mobile Home Investing – Investing in Mobile Homes

How to make money investing in mobile homes

When most people think about real estate investing, they think about dealing in traditional single family homes, apartment buildings, or commercial real estate like office buildings and shopping centers.

What some of the savviest investors know, that the rest do not, is that mobile home investing can be quite profitable.

While many people snub mobile home ownership, the fact is that there are millions of Americans living in mobile homes and the number is growing. In fact, it is the fastest growing form of housing in the country. For many working families, traditional single family homes are too expensive to purchase. For them, the mobile home market is their only access to becoming homeowners.

How to earn large profits and monthly cash flow

Investing strategies for mobile homes can earn nice profits and increased cash flow with just small investments. It is not unheard of to sell a mobile home for more than twice as much as you paid to purchase it. And if you can finance your buyer, you can earn additional profits from the interest the buyer will pay you…month after month.

As Lonnie Scruggs said, “there’s nothing better than getting a mobile home payment check in your mailbox every single day of the month.” Lonnie literally invented the mobile home investing model and his outstanding books on mobile home investing are available in our store.

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