$1.5 Million Increase in Equity

After finding CRE Online, I attended my first real real estate conference the CRE Online Convention in Dallas a couple of years ago. To say it took me places I have never been is an understatement. I now know that an old dog can be taught new tricks.

I heard quite a few very fine speakers, but Ed Garcia touched my hot button. It was like he was talking directly to me that day a couple of years ago. We hear all this stuff about no money down. I have done all that and with good reason: I had no money.

Listen to those speakers because they will help you crawl to the next level. You have to start somewhere. But I needed something different at that time of my life. After being in this business for 21 years, I was just yearning to do more than just own and hold properties. Well there was Terry and Ed talking about a line of credit. Little did I know where this seminar was going to take me.

Since that CRE Online Convention, I have taken my business to the point that has built my equity by more than $1.5 Million. I was ready for far more than I had been involved in to that point, and they helped me find my way.

I am now in the process of selling a lot of my holding homes and using that cash along with my line of credit to build a portfolio of properties that will support me and my wife for years to come. I also have two sons who mean very much to me, and who want to do exactly what I do. This can and should be a family business.

If you will work this business hard, you will learn more than the most expensive college education in the world. Listen to Robert Kiyosaki: No job will ever do what you can do for yourself in this business. If you have a dream, get out there and do some deals and fulfill your own dream.

By CREOnline Contributor

A content contributor to the original CREOnline.com.