One Down, Nine to Go

I have been waiting to invest in real estate for three years. For one reason or another, I was not ready. But I am now and have arrived. I am closing in May on my first real estate investment. I have set a goal to purchase 10 houses and have a cash flow of $300 monthly per house. I have one down and nine to go.

From what I have seen in the past three years, I believe having tenants who rent with the option to buy is the way for me to go. I have set my first purchase up with a renter, and he will take advantage of this option in three years. I also purchased a HUD home with no needed repairs and low closing costs (I’m blessed, I know).

I anticipate my next deal to be even easier! The hard part was actually just finding the right deal! I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks to everyone (especially CRE Online), who shares their stories, good or bad. I love to read them and have learned a lot from them! Good luck and God bless to everyone!

By CREOnline Contributor

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