Real Estate Advertising on the Radio

As far as advertising and promotion goes, I have my own radio talk show called “RENT TO OWN.” In fact, it is also a small radio network. At various times I can be heard in six metropolitan areas in Florida, broadcasting on four radio stations.

The show is very simple. I talk about real estate investments that I already have or I am about to buy and educate the listening audience on how to buy them. If the property is a keeper, I then talk to prospective tenants over the air.

I get instant response and very quick sales, plus a very long waiting list as a result of each broadcast. So many in fact that I only have to do the show once per month in each market. (Not bad for a 15-minute broadcast!)

This idea is very inexpensive and anyone can do it by just calling their local radio station. Have a very positive day and make 20 offers per day.

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