Secret Investment Funds You Can Use Now

Money in an IRA (and other retirement plans) is a great source of real estate investment funds. In fact, most people don’t even know they can use their IRA money to invest in real estate, mortgages, and trust deeds. And, once they stash it away, many folks forget they even have money in a retirement account.

You can invest your IRA funds in real estate and mortgages if you have a self-directed fund. And here’s the best part: All the profit you make from these investments goes back into your IRA tax free.

Few people know about self-directed IRAs. If you would like to use your retirement funds now for more lucrative real estate or mortgage investments, look for a financial planner who can help you convert to a self-directed plan that permits these investments. The effort is well worth it.

Why let the four to five percent inflation rate cancel out the six or seven percent appreciation rate of your retirement fund? Start making some real money instead. Investing in real estate or mortgages is a wonderful way to skyrocket the growth of your retirement fund. Get started today!

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