Success with Tax Lien Certificates

I purchased tax certificates in Waterloo and Harlan County, Iowa, and the profit margin was substantial. I must state here that I am not an accountant nor a bookkeeper, so I can’t give you exact percentages and figures. But in Harlan, Iowa, I invested about $2,600 and made about $14,000 on two real estate investments I eventually owned and sold.

In Waterloo, Iowa I invested about $20,000 and made about $20,000 on that. This was a result of the 2% per month return, and on two >foreclosure homes which I subsequently sold…

In Michigan, where I invested in about six counties, I now own a house in Kalamazoo County that was appraised [on August 21, 1997] at about $80,000. I have already had an offer of $68,000 which I will probably accept…these figures will be less about $1,000 in attorney fees and about another $5,000 in back taxes. The profit margin is still quite acceptable to me.

I did this as a result of attending John Beck’s lectures and reading his books and listening to his audio tapes. I don’t want to sound corny, but John! I could not have done it without you

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