The Alternative to Transactional Funding for Real Estate

This video will reveal to you the alternative to transactional funding. It’s such a slick trick, you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing this all these years. The forms and instructions are laid out in my Creative Financing course.

So you’ve got that deal locked up and you want to resell it to another investor, but the title or escrow company won’t allow a double closing.
Or, you’ve got a sandwich lease/option and your tenant is ready to buy, but his lender won’t fund until title is in your name.
The simple solution to both of these deals is “transactional funding” or “flash cash.”
It’s basically a one-day loan from a hard money lender to fund the A-B closing, so you can get title, sell to C, and payoff the lender.
Transactional funding can be expensive and difficult to time properly, especially if you’re not choosing the closing agent. The alternative to transactional funding is called the “Reverse Assignment.”
The process is laid out in the video below. Hold onto your seat because it will blow your hair back! Click on the video below to learn the alternative to transactional funding.Get detailed information on everything you need to know about creative financing, owner financing, lease option, subject-to deals, including hundreds of quality legal forms in Bill’s course:

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By William Bronchick, J.D.

I am a real estate attorney with 25 years of experience. I am an investor myself so I am very in touch with current laws,needs & issues in real estate.