Trick for Stellar Results from Your Motivated Seller Marketing

Want the highest possible response rate on your marketing to motivated sellers? Of course you do. The biggest problem with most direct mail is: It doesn’t get opened. Our instinct and habit is to throw it in the trash. That’s part of the reason The Yellow Letter works so well…

Handwritten vs. Traditional Marketing Letters

Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. You get home after a long day. You have a handful of mail including some postcards, a few white business-size envelopes with clear plastic windows, a credit card application, a magazine, and an invitation-size envelope with your name hand addressed on it.
Which one are you going to open first, and which one is going straight into the trash?
We all know the postcards are going straight in the trash because you get so many of them and the type is small and difficult to read.
The credit card application goes straight to the shredder–again you get them so often you know what it is without even opening it.
If you don’t recognize the return address, the window envelopes may go straight in the trash or shredder. The magazine goes on the coffee table, and that leaves the hand-addressed letter that looks like a party invitation.
What happens to this?

Your name is handwritten on the envelope and the return address is also in a real person’s handwriting. If you received a letter that looked like that, would you open it? Of course you would. You don’t get letters like this every day, so they stand out when you do, and they get opened. In direct mail marketing, getting the letter opened is more than half the battle.

So What Is The Yellow Letter?

The Yellow Letter is a hand-written letter written in red ink on yellow “legal pad” paper. It’s a warm, friendly note that results in incredible responses from motivated sellers and other prospects.
The letter is written in a real person’s handwriting, and the envelopes are hand addressed, and you avoid the “open over the trash can” syndrome. Not only do they get opened, they get read.
It’s the personalization and handwritten approach. In our fast paced society, people don’t take the time to handwrite anything any more. Everything is done by computers, printers, text messages, and emails. Getting a handwritten note in the mail stops you dead in your tracks.
Even after your mail is opened and read, the reader feels compelled to make contact with you, resulting in the high response rate.

How Well Does The Yellow Letter Work?

Traditional direct mail marketing, such as postcards, mail merge, flyers, etc. across the board have a typical response rate of .5% to 1%.
The response rate from The Yellow Letter averages 5% to 15%. No other direct mail piece consistently brings the type of response rate that The Yellow Letter does.
And that, my friend, is the difference between using a computer-generated font and a real person’s handwriting.
Are you getting a 5% to 15% response rate from your mailings? If your business is a numbers game (and they all are), then the higher the response rate, the more conversions you’ll have, and your profits will soar.
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By Zach Braunel

I help business owners improve the online presence of their business including search engine optimization, building email lists and driving online traffic to their website