Using None of Our Own Money: $76,000 Profit in 9 Months

I always wanted to invest in real estate. I started reading books in the 1980s. I bought my first rental property in November 1996. I bought two more real estate investments in December 1996. My renters are buying my properties for me.

Since then my partner and I have bought 11 houses. And we’ve sold five of them for $76,000 profit. Plus, we have $9,000 in seller carry backs. The other six houses are rented. This makes the bank note with a little left over as positive cash flow.

We will take two of these six properties at a time, rehab and sell at a nice profit. We are always looking for more. All of this was done with the bank’s money, no money of our own down. Thanks for the great site!

By CREOnline Contributor

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