We Get PAID to Live in Our House

It has now been two months since we moved. However, unlike the rest of our friends, we are now getting PAID to live in our house! We moved into a triplex and keep the other two units rented out. The rental income pays for the mortgage and taxes and puts a bit aside for upkeep. Every month we get our checks for $1,400 and all we have to do is pay our own utilities. (Tenants also pay their own.)

I got interested in the idea from watching the Carleton Sheets informercial, then ordering the course. Within about six months, we started to make a plan (I was in college still when I bought the course) then made arrangements to purchase this property. Although I was not able to buy no money down, the program helped me to think creatively, which helped to me to save an additional $6,000 off the purchase price!

By CREOnline Contributor

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