Where to Find Buyers for Your Deals

Here’s how I found seven (7) new real estate investors who will pay me cash to buy my position in escrow. I found a local chapter of “National Association Of Remodeling Contractors” and called a couple dozen names on the membership roster. I told each one:

I’m a real estate investor who buys, renovates, and sells single family houses. My lot in life is searching out properties that are candidates for renovation. I often find more properties than I can handle.

In the past, when my plate was full, I’d make note of properties that I couldn’t handle at the time in hopes of getting back to the owner at a later date.

Now, if I find a property that looks like a profitable deal, I put it in escrow, do my due diligence, and sell my position to you, the contractor/investor. There will always be sufficient profit for you on the back end.

They come like moths to a flame! One contractor even told me, “This is the phone call I’ve been waiting for.”

It seems that most other real estate investors have ignored this segment of the buyer market. I’m not greedy, I take a couple thousand and leave the lion’s share of profit for the investor. It’s worked very well for me, and it can work for you too.

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