Win the Real Estate Investing Game

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or an experienced investor, you can win the real estate investing game.Educating yourself about real estate investing options and successful methods is the only proven way to succeed and achieve long-term financial security. No “get rich quick” scheme can do that for you.

Getting quick results

But you can still get quick results while you’re learning the business. Perhaps the quickest way to win the game is by flipping houses (wholesaling), using lease options, and getting the deed “subject to” the existing mortgage.These are all fairly low-risk strategies suitable for anyone, especially beginners, and you can find excellent educational real estate investing courses on these topics in our store.

Longer-term investments

Commercial real estate is one of the best strategies for long-term success. Apartment buildings, office buildings, mobile home parks, shopping centers, and other commercial investments offer all kinds of benefits. Buy them right and you can retire wealthy. If this is your interest, be sure to check out Ray Alcorn’s definitive work on commercial real estate.

Another great strategy is investing in mobile homes ala Lonnie Scruggs. For decades, Lonnie has been getting checks in his mailbox every single day, month after month, year after year, and he’s taught thousands of people how to do the same thing.

Many investors like to “buy and hold” single-family houses for the monthly cash flow and appreciated value. If you decide to become a landlord, be sure to take the advice of “Mr. Landlord.”

Better information, bigger profits

Since 1995, the CRE Online Philosophy has been about helping you achieve financial independence through education. While there is no “right” way to invest in real estate, it works best when all parties involved in the deal can walk away happy. That’s called “win-win.” Live by this philosophy and you too can win the real estate investing game.

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