Yes! My Biggest Wholesale Flip So Far!

Today, I walked out of the title company with a check for 12,081.50. I have done several deals, including, but this is my biggest deal yet. (I am still a newbie.) I still can’t believe it. I simply put this property under contract for $50k and sold it to an investor for $63.5k. At closing, I netted about $12,000!

My example is more proof that anyone can do this business. I am still in college and don’t have any funds to invest. On this particular deal, I didn’t even put up any earnest money. It was a true no money down deal.

During times of difficulty, is what kept me motivated to go out and find deals. There are many wonderful people here who helped me through my hurdles. I would like to thank them. Hopefully, my example will help motivate others who are trying to get started.

By CREOnline Contributor

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