The February 2020 Commercial Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 132 - Myth Buster’s: Trailer Park Edition

There’s a board game called “Trailer Park Wars” that is based on every American stereotype of mobile home parks and their residents. But are these assumptions true?

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The Worst Colors For A Billboard – And Why

There are so many colors in the spectrum, and only a few that never work on a billboard sign. Yet some advertisers still have not figured this out (as shown in the photo above). So what are the forbidden colors for a billboard and why?

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How To Properly Engage A Contractor For Your Storage Facility

Your roll-up door broke off. The electric is flickering in a unit. There’s a roof leak. All of these events require hiring a contractor to make the needed repairs. But how do you do that? Here’s how to properly engage a contractor in a storage facility.

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Has The RV Park Industry Ever Had A Recession?

RV sales are at an all-time high in dollars of revenue, and RV park occupancy has never been higher. It’s been this way, year after year, for over a decade. So that begs the question “has the RV park industry ever had a recession?”

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 131 - Letters From Our Residents And What They Mean

We get love letters from residents all the time – not only on Valentine’s Day. Why do people love their mobile home parks so much? In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to read some of these letters and analyze the key drivers to customer satisfaction that we clearly deliver on every day. We’re also going to discuss other factors that make us the best housing option in America.

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Why Every Resident Should Have A Pathway To Ownership

There are two types of inhabitants of mobile homes: owners and renters. One has a capital investment in the home and the other does not. We feel strongly that every resident in the mobile home park should have the opportunity to be an owner if they so choose. Why is that?

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The Adventures Of Eddie And David

Eddie Biller and David Joreteg have purchased several communities since they attended our Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp a few years ago -- and they’re still buying more. We’re going to discuss how they got into the industry, how they found each of the parks they own, the basic economics behind these acquisitions, the turn-around plans, and their lessons learned. It’s going to be a huge amount of facts in a short period of time and will then be followed by bottomless Q&A until all questions are answered.

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That’s No Way To Rent A Billboard!

Driving down the highway, you would think that the standard way to rent a vacant billboard is by putting your phone number on it, just like the sign shown above. The problem is that this is perhaps the worst way to rent the advertisement space. So what are better ways to rent a billboard?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 130 - The Benefits Of Solitude

Film star Greta Garbo used to exclaim “I want to be alone” when approached by fans and even other actors. And this sentiment can also have beneficial aspects in certain functions of the mobile home park buyer and operator. As you’ll see, there is power in solitude: the power of making better decisions. While many decisions a park owner makes work best with a spirit of inclusion of all parties involved, there are certain moments when being an independent thinker pays big dividends.

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How RV Parks Beat "Traditional" Investment Returns

We saw this article in a popular magazine recently, bragging about the possibilities to earn 2% interest on your investments. Seriously? How in the world can you get anywhere with your finances at 2%? Let’s take this opportunity to review the basic numbers on a typical RV park deal, to compare them to the 2% available in most traditional investment options today.

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When Is A Self Storage Cap Rate Too Low?

When you look at most listings for storage facilities, you will note that a common term used to describe them is their “cap rate”. So what is a “cap rate” and how do you know when it’s too high or too low?

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How To Negotiate With A Self Storage Seller: A Primer

Nothing can make or break your deal more than improper negotiation. You can do the greatest analysis and have terrific operational skills but you’ll never own a storage property if you can’t agree to a price the seller will sign the contract at. So what are the main skill sets required to be a great negotiator?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 129 - Kung Fu Lessons For Mobile Home Park Owners

Sometimes the best course of action is to go with the force instead of against it. In this edition of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast, we’re going to review effective strategies for park owners to harness negative energy and use it to create powerful solutions. As you’ll see, these are some classic moves that work every time if you just know how to complete them.

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