The March 2020 Commercial Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 137 - The 1 – 2 Punch of Park Performance

There’s an old saying that “good ranchers live poor and die rich”. But mobile home park owners get to live rich and die rich. Why the difference. In this episode, we’re going to discuss that second profit center of mobile home parks that few people talk about. As you’ll see, there’s actually two compelling reasons to get into mobile home parks, not just one.

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Park Buyers

In the same theme as the bestseller “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” we would like to present our list of the habits of successful mobile home community buyers, along with thoughts on how to create these attributes and what the impact will be.

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When Expanding Or Building A New Storage Facility, A Rendering Is Better Than A Photo

Sometimes a photo can tall a thousand words. But sometimes none of those words are what you really want to say. That’s why developers have long used renderings when presenting ideas to city government and the public. But why not simply use photo mock-ups?

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Bonding And Billboards

This is a photo of the very first billboard I ever owned. On Interstate 30 E in Garland, Texas it’s a giant 120’ tall with two 20’ x 60’ advertising faces. How did I get this deal? Through bonding. And it’s a powerful force that you can’t buy.

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How Can Non-RV Owners Stay At RV Parks?

There are around 9 million RVs on the road in the U.S. – a huge number. But there are also those who want to stay in RV parks but do not own a recreational vehicle. And this market is growing as a larger percentage of Millennials enter this space. So what are the options?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 136 - Why Our Residents Are Always Free To Leave (Even If The Media Can’t Stand It)

Are mobile home park residents really like “Waffle House customers chained to their booths” or is there much more freedom than this quote (that was taken out of context) would imply? In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery we’re reviewing just exactly what the real options all mobile home park residents have, and why the media – and certain politicians – refuse to accept this reality.

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How Traditional Investments Are A Financial Death Sentence

Although commercials abound promising you vast wealth with certain stock choices, the fact of the matter is that traditional investing is a financial death sentence if your goal is financial independence. The odds are simply stacked against you.

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Competing With Logo Signs: A Primer

In the mid-1990s, Lamar Outdoor started a program that has grown nationwide. Its name: “logo signs”. These little blue signs, positioned at most highway exits, allow businesses to direct traffic to their exit. And they allow for typically around six different advertisers to hold this coveted spot. So how can a billboard owner work around this competitor and actually harness this tool for even more successful advertiser satisfaction and retention?

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How To Make Your Storage Facility Manager More Effective

What is a self-storage manager? Well, more than just someone who exchanges a lease for a check. In fact, your manager is your ambassador, mayor, chief marketing officer all rolled into one. So how can you help to make your storage manager more effective in your duties?

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Using Solar Lighting To Improve Aesthetics In Your RV Park

Lighting has long been an important asset to any RV park. But solar lighting is a new invention that is proving to be an extremely cost-effective way to improve the appearance and safety of your property. So what is achievable with solar lights in your RV park?

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A Day In The Life of a Mobile Home Park Owner

What is the time and travel commitment required to buy and own a mobile home park? Is it possible to own a mobile home park without disturbing your successful day job? These are the questions we are going to answer on this recording!

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Why many Storage Buyers miss the boat

Successfully buying a self-storage facility is based on making good choices established through proper research and due diligence. Yet, despite the roadmap being publicly available, many buyers screw things up for no reason. Here are what some buyers do to destroy their ability to succeed.

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Where the opportunity is in RV Park Investing today

RV parks can be an excellent investment, but only if you focus on the types of parks that succeed. Over the years, the specifics of RV parks has somewhat shifted, and it’s important that you understand what is working right now. The following is where the opportunity is in RV park investing today.

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The unwritten rules of RV Park Appraisals

Like all sectors of real estate, every RV park deal eventually ends up with an appraisal being performed. The verdict of that value decision can either make or destroy your deal’s ability to get financing – a bad appraisal is more than most buyers can overcome. So how do RV park appraisals really work? What attributes impact that value?

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The Most Powerful Sentence in buying a Storage Facility – and Why

When buying a self-storage facility, there is one sentence that is more powerful than any other you can tell the seller:“What would I have to do to get you to sell me this property?”Why is this so successful for the buyer? There are multiple reasons.

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How to make a Mom and Pop RV Park Owner Sell to You

So you’ve found the right RV park to buy, but there’s only one thing stopping you: how do you get the mom and pop owner to sell to you? It’s a problem that all buyers face, but here are some concrete techniques that we’ve learned from experience to help get the job done.

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How to do a proper Cap-X Budget on a Self-Storage Facility

Every storage facility is different, and has its own unique attributes. And one of those is the appropriate capital expenditure (also called “cap-x”) budget to know how much you have to save for each year to properly maintain all the structures and systems in the storage property. So how do you build a successful storage facility cap-x budget?

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 135 - Opportunity Zone Trailer Park Concepts

Opportunity Zones are hot right now. But the way to make money with them may be a little different than what most Americans think. In this episode of Mobile Home Park Mastery we’re going to discuss the action steps to harnessing the power of the Opportunity Zone tax program based on the bigger picture than delaying or avoiding the tax man.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 134 - The Park Owner’s Pledge (And What It Doesn’t Include)

All good mobile home park owners have the same core of beliefs on what their role and duties are. But there’s a whole additional list that is not what they’re all about. In this episode of the Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast series, we’re going to review the division between the sacred pledge of the smart park owner vs. items that should never be assumed to be in that list of duties.

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Is There Value In Adding A Novelty Item To Your Self Storage Facility Frontage?

We’re all big kids – we love to see roadside attractions. Perhaps it’s because it breaks the monotony of the American road, or maybe it’s because we enjoy the humor and splendor of these unique creations. But would it be a good idea to add some unusual sparkle to your self-storage facility?

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The Adventures of Eddie and David - Mobile Home Park Due Diligence in Wyoming

In this first installment, Eddie and David are on location in Wyoming and doing the basic due diligence on a property they have under contract. You’ll find lots of good information in this 7 minute video adventure – and you don’t have to put on an arctic coat to follow them around.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 133 - 1955 Time Warp

In 1955 a business school professor named L.E. Michelon published the first text book on mobile home parks titled “How to Build and Operate a Mobile Home Park”. Sadly, this book could not be further from the truth in how the industry operates today. In this episode of Mobile Home Park Mastery we’re going to discuss what the main differences are between 1955 concepts of construction and management vs. the modern equivalent. Come see how times have changed (and for the better).

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