The November 2021 Commercial Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 223 - Hot Markets In The Hard Infrastructure Bill

The “hard infrastructure bill” has now been signed into law. This bill is very geographic-specific, and many people have not through who the winners and losers actually. Some may be surprised at the new hot markets created by this democratic initiative. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we’re going to take a look at who the big beneficiaries are of this bill and why this does a lot to bring new luster to the “rust belt” and “flyover” states.

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 42 - Do You Really Have The Passion?

Warren Buffett once said “without passion you don’t have energy, and without energy you have nothing”. Do you really have the passion for buying an RV park? In this RV Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss what passion really is, how to harness it, why you can’t fake it successfully, and how most of the top RV park owners share similar passions.

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 40 - Nice People Finish Last

We all like nice people, but having a kind and gentle disposition can often be a hindrance when it comes to buying and operating a self-storage facility. In this Self-Storage University podcast we’re going to review when you can and can’t be “nice” and still be successful – as well as tips on being “tougher” for the sake of your investment.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 36 - Tips On Longevity

Billboards have life spans that can range from months to centuries. As a billboard owner it’s essential to get as many years on the clock as you can, as once you’re paid off the debt every year thereafter is straight profit. There are some choices you can make that will ensure a billboard to last a long time versus a short lifespan.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 222 - No Shots No Glory

Wayne Gretzky once said "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - and that's as true for mobile home parks as it is for ice hockey. In this Mobile Home Park Mastery podcast we're going to discuss why it's essential to make offers regardless of the odds of success, as well as some tips to make those offers better received. Since success in buying mobile home parks is all about volume, it's essential that you take those shots.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 221 - Don’t Hide From Unhappy Customers

Bill Gates once said “unhappy customers are you’re greatest source of learning”. Not only can you improve your business with unhappy feedback but also forge stronger bonds with customers by solving their problems. It’s also important to remember that you can’t please all the people all the time and can’t let a few unhappy customers sway what’s best for your mobile home park both as a business and a community.

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 41 - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually – Why Not All Four?

Today’s RV park breaks the boundaries of those of the past – but in a positive way. No longer do many RV parks simply offer one type of service, but a range of options that have different levels of recurring revenue. In this RV Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss the different ways and frequency of collecting revenue, and how you can harness this new playing field for greater and more consistent income.

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Self Storage University Podcast: Episode 39 - Financing And Time: A Dysfunctional Union

Oil and vinegar. Fire and water. There are many things that just don’t go together well. And one of those is financing and time. In this Self-Storage University podcast we’re going to review how hard it is to get financing for you facility to match the time given, and how to best plan for the eternal conflict between getting a loan and meeting your time deadlines.

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Billboard Mastery Podcast: Episode 35 - Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

The billboard business may seem old-fashioned, but it periodically erupts with new ideas that revolutionize or open new sectors of advertising. In this Billboard Mastery podcast we’re going to review how to harness fresh thinking and being unafraid to try a new direction.

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Part-Time Park Time

One of the most common questions we get is “how much time would I actually have to devote to buying and operating a mobile home park?” That’s the topic of this event. It will offer a factual look at the time required to find, evaluate, buy and operate a mobile home park.

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Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 220 - Guarding Against Paralysis By Analysis

It’s hard to make important life decisions. But it’s even worse to avoid them. In buying a mobile home park, at some point in the diligence cycle you will have to make the choice to go forward or not. Many buyers can’t get these steps completed because they won’t stop second-guessing their decisions or agreeing that they have even completed their calculations. This is called “paralysis by analysis” – basically avoiding making decisions using the excuse that you are still working on the answer until the opportunity passes.

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